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    • Why are you as good as you are?

      23rd March 2020 | Blog
    • Woman with list of attributes

      How positive are you about yourself, your skills and strengths?

      Do you truly believe in your own ability to reach your full potential in a way that’s meaningful to you?

      Most of us could sometimes give a positive answer to those questions but also have times when we wouldn’t.

      A popular way to develop self-belief and confidence is regular use of affirmations, positive self-statements. You might say something like: ‘I have what it takes to achieve the success I want and deserve.’ When you say it repeatedly and really mean it, you can start to believe it.

      But why do you have what it takes?

      When you ask yourself that, you take your mind a level deeper. It will scan your memory bank for answers and come up with multiple reasons, reinforcing the positive message even more powerfully. So, why are you as good as you are?

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