• Where do you live?

    15th November 2018 | Blog
  • Where you live can make a huge difference to your outlook on life to your success.

    Do you live more in the past, the present or the future? You probably spend time in each of those but is the proportion of time spent in each serving you well?

    Time spent in the past is fine when you’re reflecting on happy positive memories or using past experience to make things better or more efficient for the future.

    Holding on to the past, to previous ways of doing things, can close you off from new initiatives and hold you back. Knowing how to hold onto what worked well and applying it to the present is a very grounded approach. Insisting on doing things as they have always been done without any real thought about whether that truly is the best way of doing things now is closed mindset thinking.

    Not everything that worked or was deemed to be good from the past needs to go just because it is from the past. Neither is it necessarily the best way to proceed from now on.

    How much time do you spend living in the future? Visualising how you want your life to be and taking the appropriate action towards that can be very positive. Dreaming about how things could be and taking no action is not.

    How much time do you spend worrying about what might or might not happen in the future, whether that’s tomorrow or in 5 years’ time? Beyond the point of identifying any action you can take to minimise the likelihood of whatever you’re worrying about, or to minimise the impact of whatever you’re worrying about, worry is a wasted emotion.

    When you worry, you are making something up in your head that would be a negative outcome. If there is something you can do to prevent that outcome, do it. If not, try turning things around. How else could you see it?
    Spending too much time in the past and worrying about the future can both take their toll on your emotional well-being. You may have heard it said that today is a gift that’s why it’s called the present. The present is where you are right now and the only place from where you can take action.

    Applying your learning from the past and your risk assessment for the future certainly have their place but living in the present is key.

    Being open to possibilities, taking on board trends, processes and opportunities means you’re operating from your open mindset. Being in the present also means focusing on what you can and are going to do they rather than what you are tempted to put off until tomorrow.

    What do you need to let go off from the past? What opportunities are open to you today? What action can you take to bring that dream for the future a step closer?

    Enjoy and make use of the gift that you have – the present.

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