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    • When did you last treat yourself?

      20th April 2020 | Blog
    • Now a month into lockdown, with many working from home, pubs and restaurants closed so access to social gatherings very limited, what’s your new normality looking like, and what are you missing the most?

      I’m already missing just being able to go out of the house when I want to. I’m having to multi-purpose that one walk to replace what used to be 2 dog walks per day plus a run twice a week, and umpteen other reasons to be out among people, whether for business or pleasure.

      What one small thing can you treat yourself to each day, to help balance the situation?

      Maybe a relaxing bath, a glass of bubbly, or adding a bunch of flowers to your online order?

      It’s even more important now than ever to really look after yourself and part of that is to treat yourself.

      What one small thing will that be – today?

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