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    • What makes you laugh or smile?

      6th April 2020 | Blog
    • Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, afraid about what’s going on at the moment? What one small thing could you do today to change those feelings?

      Let’s start with laughter and smiling.

      What do we have to laugh about at the moment?

      Laughing is good for us. It produces the feel-good factor and helps us keep a balance on what’s going on in the world.

      It’s OK to find humour and to laugh, as long as it’s not at anyone else’s expense, and there are still a lot of things in the world to laugh and smile about.

      When I get really stuck, I think back to one of several times when I just couldn’t stop laughing over something that happened or was said.

      So what one small thing can you find today to make you laugh, or even just smile?

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