• What is your greatest asset?

    27th July 2018 | Blog
  • When you’re asked that question, do you start thinking about your material assets, such as your house, your business or your money? Or do you do you think about your skills and attributes? Maybe you have a particular talent that is valuable to you.

    There are so many ways of answering and there is no one right answer.

    What if your greatest asset is simply you? What is the value of all those other things without you?

    We spend a lot of our lives accruing material or financial assets, pushing ourselves to the limit to develop a talent we might have to its greatest potential. Sometimes this comes at a cost to you. You are a complex being and deserve to be nurtured and looked after in just the same way that you would nurture and look after your external assets.

    What are those different elements that together make up you?

    Your body is a big part of you. How well do you look after it? Do you have any niggling pain or discomfort that you’re ignoring? Do you eat well (and that doesn’t mean just in terms of quantity)? Do you take some form of exercise? How do you dress? Do you get enough sleep?

    Then there’s the inner you – your personality, your emotional wellbeing, your vulnerability, your stress levels, your ambitions and desires? How well do you nurture and look after those?

    Then there are your talents and skills, your achievements and challenges, your relationships (both personal and at work) and your career development. Are they all getting the investment from you that will help them flourish?

    Sometimes it’s worth taking an audit or where you are right now on all of those things. Draw a mind map or make a list of all the elements that go into making you you. Give each one a score out of 10 to see how well it’s functioning right now and/or how much attention you’re giving it.

    You’ll probably find that some of these elements are fully up to speed and receiving all the care they need but chances are that others that could benefit from a bit more TLC or investment. What could you start doing to increase your score for those?

    Each one of those elements impacts all the others in some way, however small that way might seem. Are you over-investing time, money or energy into one or two elements to the detriment of others? If so, what changes can you make to rebalance that?

    Even if this hasn’t happened to you personally, you will almost certainly had heard of someone who was so focused on investing in one particular element of themselves whilst ignoring or neglecting others, that they either burnt-out, lost their relationship or damaged themselves physically.

    What changes can you put in place to minimise the chances of that happening to you and to enhance and strengthen your single greatest asset, which is YOU?

    If this piece has resonated with you and you like the idea of completing an audit, click here to download my free Personal Brand Audit and find out which of your 9 key elements would benefit from your attention next.

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