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    • What does ‘eating well’ mean for you?

      4th May 2020 | Blog
    • How is lockdown impacting what you eat?

      What has changed for the better – and what has changed for the worse?

      I for one am snacking more and drinking more wine, but the quality of some of my food has increased.

      What about you? Does it even matter?

      On one level probably not, but on another, if I eat and drink more than usual, in the end, I won’t feel great about myself.

      One of the key messages at this time is stay well, and eating well is part of this, either by increasing foods that are good for you, or by reducing foods that are not.

      What one small thing can you do differently in terms of your diet?

      Can you improve the quality of what you do eat and drink, increase some of the good stuff or put some boundaries in place around the not so good stuff?

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