• Be a voice, not an echo. Einstein

    11th October 2018 | Blog
  • This piece takes a look at some different ways of interpreting this phrase.

    What does that mean for you on first reading it? 

    For me, it’s about giving your own opinion not just taking on the opinions of others. 

    In what ways do you do that? What are the things you feel strongly about and are prepared to speak out about and when are you happy to go along with the opinions of others? 

    To be original on every single issue would be exhausting and maybe even impossible. Being a voice requires time for thought and consideration. Save your energy and focus for the things that are really important to you. 

    Perhaps it’s also about not taking ‘no’ for an answer. If someone tells you that you can’t do something, you have a choice on whether you listen to them.  You don’t always have to take up other people’s rules and opinions. You can live your life according to your own rules and values rather than someone else’s. 

    Yet another way of interpreting it is that you should simply to be yourself rather than trying to be like someone else. When you perceive someone to be so much better, so much more confident, or so much more successful than yourself it’s easy to think that you need to be like them, but you really don’t. You just need to be you and to show up as your best version of you yourself. Be confident in who you really are and know that you are unique. 

    Equally you don’t need to follow the path that someone else has followed if it doesn’t seem like the right path for you. Even if you do some of the things they did, you will do them in your own way and experience them through your own perspective. You do not need to be their echo. 

    What are the qualities of an echo? In addition to repeating the sound, or words, that have gone before, they tend to be a softer and quieter sound that fade away. Is that how you want to be? 

    Even if someone has put something so eloquently, and summed up everything you would want to say on a subject, it can perhaps be tempting to echo their opinion. Do you have your own take on the matter, that might help get the core message across even more powerfully? 

    When you are learning something new, perhaps there is a value to being an echo to someone else’s voice, but once you have reached a level of competency, how can you add your own angle to that skill, to make yourself distinct from others doing something similar? 

    You are at least as good as the next person. Be the first to speak up, instigate things or take action. How can you step up and be the voice?

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