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    • With a bigger vision of addressing gender imbalance in leadership, Rachel works with organisations to effect change by working from the bottom up, while we wait for the slower process of seeing change in institutional culture.  

      Rachel shares her expertise, her own learning and her wide experience of supporting and inspiring professional and business women to keep stepping up, gaining confidence as they do so, leading ultimately to greater success for themselves and for their organisation.

    • Develop a powerful Professional Brand

      Do you have talented, committed women in your team who somehow fall short of their male counterparts in making sufficient impact or demonstrating that they are ready for a leadership role?

      Do they sit in meetings listening attentively, probably with great ideas in their head, but failing to contribute them? Or hang back when it comes to initiating those challenging conversations that are part and parcel of a leadership role?

      Does this sometimes force you to look elsewhere to get the best person for the job, stretching your recruitment budget?

      Giving them the opportunity to develop a more powerful Professional Brand offers you a solution.

      Professional Brand can be summed up as ‘the impression you make’ or ‘what people say about you after you’ve left the meeting.’

      With over 30 years’ experience of designing and delivering training across a range of topics, I currently offer training on developing a powerful brand as a whole, as well as on individual elements of professional brand.

    • My most popular topics

      Professional Brand

      Presentation Skills

      Networking Skills

      Communication and Interpersonal Skills

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