• If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door

    14th August 2018 | Blog
  • Have you ever wished or waited for an opportunity to present itself for you to do something you’ve always wanted to do ? How fixed was that idea as to what that opportunity should be or look like?

    We hear a lot about waiting for opportunities to arise, and of course they sometimes do, but what if it’s more about you creating your own opportunities and being open to recognising them when they do arise?

    More often than not, when you have a firmly fixed idea of what you want to happen, there’s a high chance of being disappointed. The more fixed your idea, the more likely your disappointment, because the outcome is going to be a clear-cut yes or no.

    How might that be different if you could be more open, not only to different opportunities altogether but to variations of what you had in mind?

    Being open to wider possibilities increases your chances of finding them. Maybe there’s a more circuitous route to the end result you’re looking for rather than the direct route that you had hoped for.

    What action can you take to increase the likelihood of your opportunity arising? Whilst some genuinely do come out of the blue, others come as a result of a lots of preparation or groundwork. For example, within a business setting you might be lucky enough for a new piece of business or a new job to come your way without you proactively haven’t done anything to make that happen. It’s more likely, though, that the opportunity is a result of something you’ve done somewhere along the way.

    It may just be that you’ve been telling your network or community what you’re looking for and that word has spread. It may be that you’ve been steadily working towards something and all of a sudden everything has dropped into place and opportunities have opened up. When this happens, it’s easy to forget about all that hard work and to see things as pure luck, but it probably isn’t just luck.

    In terms of building your own door, what could you start to do now towards that? Be clear about what you want to happen. Brainstorm all the ways you can think of that you could possibly achieve that. Create your action plan and timeline. What would you do first?

    Most importantly, be open to what might happen. Your door might not look exactly as you planned, either because it’s in a different part of the wall or because it’s a different shape or style.

    Even if your door does look as planned, maybe what’s on the other side isn’t quite what you imagined – but is it close enough? Could it even be better than what you had in mind?

    Try to avoid attaching too many conditions to what your opportunities must look like and how they should present themselves. That way you’re more likely to be open to seeing them.

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