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    My 1 day workshop Start with the Small Stuff is a perfect way to start. It’s designed to give you an opportunity to start thinking about what you might want to add to your life to make the difference you’re looking for as well as starting to recognise what’s holding you back. Click here to find out about my next workshop.

  • Mindshift Workshops

    Start with the Small Stuff

    A 1 day workshop offering you a safe environment to explore the way you think about yourself and your world and to give you some simple ways to start changing those thought patterns to ones that serve you better.

    It’s the first step on your journey from that place of doubt and holding yourself back to a place where you have clarity around what you want to do next and the belief that it’s possible.

    You will have the opportunity to look at

    • What would you truly like to achieve
    • The values and rules you live by and where they come from
    • Accepting compliments
    • Learning to say ‘no’
    • Developing resilience

    Through gaining a greater understanding of the impact your thoughts have on your actions, you can expect to come away with:

    • Some simple tips on how to start changing  your thought patterns to ones that give you a more positive outcome
    • At least 3 things you can start doing to create a more positive way of looking at your world, as a starting point to feeling more happy and congruent with who you want to be
    • A stronger belief that you can achieve anything you decide to do

    To find out when this workshop is coming up click here

    Or to book me to run it as an in-house event for your organisation please click here 


  • Presentation Skills Workshops

    Create your 15 Minute Presentation

    A 1 day workshop aimed at helping you create and practise delivering a 15 minute presentation.

    One of the fundamentals to success within the business and charity sector is visibility and getting your message out there, and speaking is a great way to do this.

    Having a 15 minute presentation up your sleeve that you can deliver at very short notice is great tool to have at your disposal. It means that you can say ‘yes’ even at short notice to a speaking opportunity – and to tell people about your business or charity.

    On this one day workshop you will have the opportunity to

    • Develop your 15 minute presentation
    • Learn how to grab and keep your audience's attention
    • Practise your delivery, with supportive feedback

    By the end of the day, you can expect to come away with:

    • the outline of your 15 minute presentation
    • Ideas for openings, conclusions and all that comes between
    • More confidence in your delivery and engagement with your audience

    To book me to run this workshop as an in-house training for your organisation please contact me.


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