• ..about my workshops

  • "I wanted to say how much more I enjoyed (your workshop) than I normally enjoy this kind of training, and your training gave me the confidence not to hide behind PowerPoint! I have also found that the shared experience for me and my staff team has been really useful in terms of adding to our relationship and understanding each other's fears and limitations, plus sharing in the success of today. I also got 2 new clients today so I must have come across ok ! Thanks very much."

    Emma Selby. The Farnham Hub.

  • "This is a well designed workshop that in itself demonstrates the ideas that Rachel talks about. If you decide to give workshops as a way to generate business, you need to think about both giving value to your audience, but also letting them know that there is more to come. Rachel offers plenty of practical tips on how to do this. She also shares useful ideas for following up on a workshop or talk, in a way that allows you to keep in touch with people in the longer term, rather than trying to sell something to people who may have only just met you."

    Felicity Dwyer.

  • "I have really appreciated your workshop series, most particularly because they have been short and to the point!  I have delivered a range of workshops in my previous career- that is now all fading into the dim and distant - and your series has been a really valuable revision of having a structured process."

    Liz Walmsley.

  • "Having it pointed out to me that I should include a call to action at the end of my presentations was really useful. I now also have a better understanding of how to structure presentations and feel that my confidence has improved."


  • "Many thanks for a really excellent workshop yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and got a huge amount of information from it. I am now much more confident about running my own workshops. Many thanks again for a fantastic day."

    G O’neill.

  • "Attending Rachel’s workshop today has opened up huge possibilities for me. I’ve learnt how to structure a workshop and it’s given me the confidence to go ahead and do it. I can now see that I can become a go-to person in my field."

    Linda Hansard. Nov 15.

  • "At the end of the 1 day workshop my brain was working overtime with so many ideas. I’ve learnt that there are other ways of reaching my customers, other than live stand-up events. I’ve created my road map so now I know where to start and what to do. It’s also helped me with my dilemma of focusing on running a workshop where I’m adding value, rather than constantly trying to upsell, whilst also taking account of the fact that I am running a business."

    Nicola Nov 15.

  • "At today’s workshop I’ve found out so many things I didn’t even know I didn’t know. It’s made me think differently about helping clients to sign up for the benefits of my expertise, rather than just selling. I’ve recognised the transferability of content and ideas from 1 kind of workshop to another." It’s opened up huge possibilities for me."

    Wendy Capewell. Nov 15.

  • ...about my Webinars

  • "I wanted to say that I enjoyed your webinar tremendously and found (and wrote down!!) some fabulous nuggets of useful information. Thank you... It was VERY VERY good! Cheers."


  • "Your support through this webinar has given me confidence in the things I am doing correctly but more importantly, has helped me to identify areas where I can change a number of small things to help the flow."

    John Le Poidevin.

  • In General

  • "Rachel is a wonderful coach and mentor. She has a calm yet energetic persona, which comes across throughout her work. Her wonderful sense of humour is always present! I cannot recommend Rachel enough."

    Mandy Hickson.

  • "Thank you so much for meeting me today.  I've come away feeling very enthusiastic and excited about where I go from here and can't wait for the first session.

    You really made me feel that, with effort and guidance, I can accomplish what I've only been thinking about and dabbling with for far too long. "


  • "The thing that’s tipped my business from being a hobby to a business is working with Rachel. It’s taken me and my business to a place I’d never dreamt of being."

    Moya Connell.

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