• It’s just your age – or is it?

    9th March 2020 | Blog
  • Silhouette - person standing on one leg, arm stretched out in front of them.

    Do you find yourself accepting your age as the reason for some kind of reduced functionality?

    It’s generally accepted in western culture that our physical functionality declines with age. Reduced hearing, short-sightedness, prolonged recovers from injury, memory loss, to name a few.

    But are they only due to age?

    What if there was something you could do about them?

    When you accept that your reduced functionality is due to age, you’re limiting your belief about what’s possible.

    For each of those issues, someone somewhere will have followed a particular regime and reversed their symptoms.

    You might not want to follow an extreme or rigorous regime but there will be at least one small thing you can do to improve an aspect of your so-called ageing.

    Read up on it, talk to others who deal well with it, explore complementary health practises.

    What one small thing will you do?

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