• It’s a funny thing…

    16th March 2020 | Blog
  • Emoji - laughing

    How often and easily do you laugh or smile? What kind of things make you do that?

    Who are the people you like to laugh and smile with?

    Laughter is so good for us and yet it sometimes gets lost in the daily round of work, eat, sleep, etc.

    Humour is around you in your everyday life if you’re open to seeing it.

    List the things that make you laugh and do more of them. Recall incidents that really made you laugh. Make time to be with people you like to laugh with and to do those things that have you laughing.

    People working on the sharp edge of humanity often share a humour the rest of us might find dark, even inappropriate, but they need to do that. Humour is a great tension reliever.

    What one small thing can you do to bring more humour into your life?

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