• Imperfect action or perfect inaction?

    13th April 2018 | Blog
  • Do you wait for everything to be perfect before you take action? Or do you leap in with feet first and perfect things as you go along?

    Your answer might be different in different situations but the value is in your self-awareness of what you are doing. We all have a tendency one way or the other so it’s about knowing which way we tend to play things.

    Perhaps you are waiting until you’ve got more experience under your belt or more qualifications before you take the next step in your business or career. That step might be writing a book, launching a new project, or applying for a promotion.

    In your personal life, maybe you’re waiting to lose weight before you take up running, or waiting until you’ve got someone to go with to visit the place you’ve always dreamt of going or simply waiting until the house is as you want it before inviting guests for dinner.

    Whilst all of these ‘untils’  might have some level of merit, in effect what you’re doing is practicing putting things off. For some of those things that might mean that you never do them. How much would that matter to you?

    Would you rather not ever take that next step in your business? Is that next qualification or bit of experience a genuine requirement or is it just a glass ceiling you’ve put in place for yourself?

    If you were to start running at the weight you are now, how might that not help you lose the weight anyway?

    It’s so easy to give ourselves excuses for not doing something because we want our action to be perfect, only to find that we never get to that point.

    What often lies behind this is a level of fear of taking that next step. What if I fail? What if I’m not good enough? What if I make a fool of myself?

    If those questions sound familiar, where did those thoughts come from? Who said that everything needs to be perfect before you can take action? It may even be that nobody actually said that to you but that it’s just  the way you’ve interpreted things.  Now you have embedded that interpretation as a belief pattern which drives your behaviour.

    If you prefer perfection, how would it be to aim for ‘good enough’? And if you tend to go feet in first with imperfect action, how would it be to wait until things have reached that ‘good enough’ bar too?

    A useful way of turning the situation around is to ask  yourself ‘what’s the worst that can happen if I take action now, before I’m really ready? How likely is that worst outcome? How important is it to you?

    Just asking those questions can sometimes help you see that you’re simply waiting to take perfect action. Taking imperfect action can often supersede all those excuses that are holding you back.

    What can you go for right now with imperfect, but good enough, action?

    Rachel’s mission is to inspire individuals both within organisations and as sole entrepreneurs to work on developing a growth or open mindset. She engages her clients to group or individual exercises designed open themselves to change, difference and new. She welcomes opportunities to do this through speaking at your events, facilitating a team programme or through team coaching and mentoring.

    If you would like time to explore this further with Rachel for yourself or for your organisation then please contact her by emailing coach@rachelmaunder.com or by calling 07905 101169.

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