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    • How good do you feel when you’re working from home?

      30th March 2020 | Blog
    • If you’re working from home in PJ’s, or gym or dog-walking kit, how does that make you feel?

      Not having to dress up can be great, especially in the short term. It’s very comfortable and is certainly low effort and maintenance but how does it feel day after day?

      Do you feel at your best and are you making the impression you want to?

      What one small thing could you do differently to feel better about yourself?

      Actress Nicola Walker, starring as a high-earning lawyer in TV series The Split says that she starts to feel the part as she’s straightening her hair and putting the smart clothes on, so maybe’s there’s something you can take from that.

      Which of your clothes makes you feel good, confident or professional? What about your hair, make-up or other accessories? What one small thing could you do right now?

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