• Don’t let the gold slip through your fingers

    8th April 2018 | Blog
  • Can you remember a time where you had a decision to make which involved a change? Perhaps you couldn’t decide whether to accept a new job, join a new group or make some other change in your life. You could probably recognise some benefits of making that change but perhaps there was a lot about it you didn’t like. Perhaps the benefits involved a challenge that you weren’t sure you were up to.

    What did you decide and how did you make that decision?

    In these situations it’s so easy to make what seems like a very rational and thought out decision not to make the change when actually you’re basing your decision on factors that aren’t really that important. In doing so you could be missing the gold.

    My own example of this was when I first went along to a meeting of a speakers’ club. I went along because I wanted to improve my speaking skills, so that was going to be the gold I was after. As far as I was aware there weren’t any other local options for doing that, so it was going to be this club or nothing.

    At that first meeting there was a lot about the meeting that I didn’t really relate to. Although the people were welcoming and friendly, they didn’t seem to be  ‘my type’. There also seemed to be an in-house humour which as a visitor I didn’t feel part of. Although there was a progression in speaking towards an award, there was no standard that you had to reach to achieve that award. I could go on. However, I had to ask myself 1 question – was joining this club was going to help me achieve what I’d gone there for, to help me improve my speaking skills? The answer was a clear Yes, so I joined.

    It would have been so easy at that stage to tell myself that this club wasn’t for me, etc. but I chose to put the things I didn’t like to one side. Over time, they faded in importance anyway as I became part of the group and got used to the humour, etc.

    What about you? Is there something in your life right now that you’re talking yourself out of? What is the gold for you if you make the change and is it worth sifting the silt for? As part of that conversation with yourself, try asking:

    How important is the gold to you? What other ways are open to you right now to find it? How important are those downsides – really? Is there something else going on here? I.e. does achieving your gold seem a bit daunting because it’s taking you out of your comfort zone? If so, remind yourself of the benefits of having it.

    Once you’ve approached your decision this way it will be much easier to see the size and value of the gold to you and whether or not it’s worth prospecting for.

    Rachel’s mission is to inspire individuals both within organisations and as sole entrepreneurs to work on developing a growth or open mindset. She engages her clients to group or individual exercises designed open themselves to change, difference and new. She welcomes opportunities to do this through speaking at your events, facilitating a team programme or through team coaching and mentoring.

    If you would like time to explore this further with Rachel for yourself or for your organisation then please contact her by emailing coach@rachelmaunder.com or by calling 07905 101169.

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