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    • Did you sleep well last night?

      11th May 2020 | Blog
    • Is Covid 19 keeping you awake at night – or are you getting more sleep because there’s less to do in the evenings?

      I’ve been surprised to find how tired I am by the time I get to bed and I think that it’s because just dealing with the situation is tiring me.

      Is that just me, or are you the same?

      What could you do to either increase the amount of sleep you’re getting or to improve its quality?

      Quality sleep is very restorative for our minds and bodies, so is really really important right now.

      Now more than ever we’re glued to our screens, checking latest updates, connecting with friends and family.

      Try taking your last look at the news, or coming off your last video call, or your last dose of caffeine or alcohol a couple of hours before you go to bed.

      What one thing can you do?

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