• Communication and interpersonal skills

    For me, effective communication relies on taking a win/win approach, where each party listens well and seeks to understand and take account of each other’s perspective.

    That might all sound easy enough in a social scenario, but what about those more challenging business situations?

    •  How do you or your team fare with handling challenging conversations?
    • Are there ever problems around effective and inclusive communication effectively with others from different background, persuasion or personality?
    • Would anyone in your team benefit from developing a more structure process for their client conversations so that they achieve the intended outcome more consistently?

    If these situations strike a chord with you, let’s have a conversation to see how I can help you. Please contact me to arrange that.


    My communication and interpersonal skills workshops are created as entirely bespoke events, as every organisation has different needs.

    Here are some examples of how I can help.

    • INSET for teachers – giving them strategies to handle challenging conversations with parents, other staff, etc.
    • Team away days – exploring how different members of the team prefer to be spoken to and taking steps towards a more collaborative and mutually supportive style of communication.
    • Staff induction programmes – outlining the impact on others that different communication styles can have, and introducing the concept of open conversations, the power of positive and constructive feedback, etc.


    Please contact me to arrange a time for us to discuss your organisation’s needs.


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