• What causes that hole in your bucket and how can you plug it?

    26th September 2018 | Blog
  • Perhaps you’re holding onto an out of date negative belief about yourself and your situation. Could it be that deep down you don’t believe yourself worthy of all the good things in your life, that it can’t last forever or that these sorts things are not for someone like you?

    More often than not, those kinds of beliefs originate outside of ourselves. They’re often conveyed by parents or other family members, either through something they said or just by implication, based on how they lived their lives.

    These sorts of belief can sometimes be so ingrained in you that you barely know where they came from and in some ways that doesn’t even matter. They are so well rooted into your subconscious that you barely know they’re there but they create a hole in that bucket. What matters is that you start to recognise that they are not relevant to you any longer, and probably never were.

    That recognition is the first step towards changing them, towards plugging that hole of plenty.

    To help you shift them, try using affirmations and/or afformations.

    Affirmations are positive statements about yourself, so you can create one that is the reverse of your unhelpful belief. For example, ‘I am more than worthy of all the good stuff that comes my way.’

    The more you repeat your affirmations the more your subconscious mind will take them on board as truths, in just the same way that it took on the original negative belief you are replacing.

    Repeat your affirmations as often as you can and preferably out loud. Hearing your own voice making these statements helps the process. Put them on post-it notes on your bathroom mirror, on  your desk or anywhere else you will see them regularly.

    Afformations are a variation on that and you may like these better. An afformation turns your positive statement into a question, so the example given becomes ‘why am I more than worthy of all the good stuff that comes my way?’ This works because your brain always wants to find an answer so it will scan all your stored memories to find evidence to support that positive statement.

    As with affirmations, surround yourself with your afformations and repeatedly ask yourself those questions.

    When you manage to plug those holes, your bucket will truly over overflow.

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