• It's all in the timing

    When’s the best time to have a challenging conversation, for you and the other person? Taking care to pick the best time can make a huge difference to the outcome so it’s definitely worth doing. Consider these points for both parties: When are you at your best?When are you likely to be undistracted?What are you doing before and after the conversation and how might this

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    Will the real you stand up

    Does your online profile match the real you? Does it portray you in the way you want to be perceived? Does it say much about you at all? Social media is such a key way for your prospective clients, leaders or employers to find out about you – so what would they find out? How recently have you updated your photo or meta description? What impression would you want them to give and how

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    What would you say?

    What would you say if you were asked to give a talk – tomorrow, next week, in 2 months’ time? If your answer would be ‘no’ to any of those, why? What does that say about you? Does it give the impression you would want to give? To help you rethink that, here are some reasons to say ‘yes’: Speaking is an opportunity: To demonstrate your expertiseFor prospective clients

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    How can you make a wider impact?

    Do you let short term discomfort stop you from achieving long term fulfilment? And what are the stories you tell yourself to hold you back? Is there something you want to achieve but are worried about what people will think of you for going for it? If you want a promotion, do you worry about being accepted at that next level? Will people think you’re out of your depth to even apply? Will

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    Levelling out the gender playing field

    If you’re in one of the key industries or professions where most of the leadership roles are filled by men, even though there may be a more equal number of men and women at the recruitment stage, you’ve probably wondered why that is. You may also have identified some of the reasons behind this: Less women apply for promotionMore men demonstrate leadership potentialWomen often

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