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    • A priceless gift

      When did you last pay someone a compliment? How did it make you feel? Compliments are wonderful things because they usually make both parties feel better. When you give someone a genuine compliment it usually lights them up, which in turn lights you up as the cause of that. Who can you compliment today? Who do you know who’s really struggling emotionally right now? How might

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      Are you staying sunny side up?

      Are you managing to stay sunny side up even though the chips are down? While we didn’t choose our current situation, we can choose what we focus on. Is that sunny side up or chips being down for you? What about the people around you? How are their choices affecting you? If you’re spending time with someone like that, what can you do to avoid them bringing you down too? Of

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      Did you sleep well last night?

      Is Covid 19 keeping you awake at night – or are you getting more sleep because there’s less to do in the evenings? I’ve been surprised to find how tired I am by the time I get to bed and I think that it’s because just dealing with the situation is tiring me. Is that just me, or are you the same? What could you do to either increase the amount of sleep you’re getting or to

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      What does ‘eating well’ mean for you?

      How is lockdown impacting what you eat? What has changed for the better – and what has changed for the worse? I for one am snacking more and drinking more wine, but the quality of some of my food has increased. What about you? Does it even matter? On one level probably not, but on another, if I eat and drink more than usual, in the end, I won’t feel great about myself. One

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      Are you supporting and supportive?

      How well supported are you and who are you supporting? During this crisis, we’ve seen the best and the worst of human behaviour. What’s been your experience of that? One good thing that seems to be coming out of it is the amount of support we’re seeing for each other. Last week I had a call from a friend who I hadn’t seen for a while. She called just to see if I was OK

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      When did you last treat yourself?

      Now a month into lockdown, with many working from home, pubs and restaurants closed so access to social gatherings very limited, what’s your new normality looking like, and what are you missing the most? I’m already missing just being able to go out of the house when I want to. I’m having to multi-purpose that one walk to replace what used to be 2 dog walks per day plus a run twice a

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      What makes you feel good about yourself?

      Are you currently working from home in your PJ’s, or your gym or dog-walking kit? How good does that make you feel? One thing people like about working from home is not having to dress up. They can work in PJ’s, or wear something smart on top with trackie bottoms and slippers on below. Very comfortable and certainly low effort and maintenance but I wonder how that feels day after day?

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      What makes you laugh or smile?

      Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, afraid about what’s going on at the moment? What one small thing could you do today to change those feelings? Let’s start with laughter and smiling. What do we have to laugh about at the moment? Laughing is good for us. It produces the feel-good factor and helps us keep a balance on what’s going on in the world. It’s OK to find humour and to

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      How good do you feel when you’re working from home?

      If you’re working from home in PJ’s, or gym or dog-walking kit, how does that make you feel? Not having to dress up can be great, especially in the short term. It’s very comfortable and is certainly low effort and maintenance but how does it feel day after day? Do you feel at your best and are you making the impression you want to? What one small thing could you do differently

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      Why are you as good as you are?

      How positive are you about yourself, your skills and strengths? Do you truly believe in your own ability to reach your full potential in a way that’s meaningful to you? Most of us could sometimes give a positive answer to those questions but also have times when we wouldn’t. A popular way to develop self-belief and confidence is regular use of affirmations, positive

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