• Workshops: How to Help your audience take that Next Step

    Getting your workshop audience to take the next step with you is the key to bringing yourself more business through running workshops – and sadly the key component that so many people miss out. That includes me until relatively recently, because I didn’t know about it, and once I did I felt compelled to share it with you. On one level, the missing ingredient is very simple to include, but on another level it’s a little more complex if it’s to be truly effective. So many business owners run workshops with the assumption that if their audience like what they’ve heard and ...

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    First Things First: Your website timeline and what needs to go along it

    The more that I've been talking about workshops that bring business, the more I’ve been finding out about the things that get in the way of the event being as successful as it could be, and the things that cause you, as the person running it, the most stress. One of those is understanding how much really needs to be done and therefore how much lead-in time you should allow for your event. I call that your workshop time-line and at my workshops I love helping people see how to create that for themselves, so that they go away with your workshop blueprint which you can use time and time ...

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    How Passionate are you about your content?

    Deliver with Passion – be excited about what you can do for your audience When you’re in front of an audience that you’re hoping will become clients or customers, it’s really important that your passion for what you do and what you’re saying shines through. It’s every bit as important as the quality of your content and I would say even more important than how well you deliver it. When I say your passion, I also mean your fascination or your curiosity, and if you don’t show that then you probably won’t convince your audience to work with you. It’s all about ...

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    Workshops can win you more business

    More and more micro business owners are recognising the value of running workshops, seminars or webinars and they do so for a number of reasons. For some, the workshop or webinar is the end product of their business. The aim of the business is to teach others a skill or impart knowledge, and so they offer group workshops. Others run workshops, seminars or webinars as an added income stream. For example, a social media strategist might run workshops on how to use Twitter, etc. as well as offering a service to run your campaigns for you. However, running workshops can be a great gateway...

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    Your Workshop Blueprint

    Running workshops - seminars, webinars, training events, or simply giving talks - are a great way spotlighting your business and sharing your expertise. They can of course be the end product for your business but, more importantly, can be the pathway to your even more valuable business offering to your customers. In this article I've put together some ideas on how to create a blue-print for your workshop which you can adapt to any length of time, from a 2 hour workshop outline to a 3 day full-blown event. When planning your content for any workshop, the best place to start is with the ...

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