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  • Is it them or is it you?

    When you find yourself at odds with someone, is it them or is it you that's out of synch? Perhaps an exchange where you thought you were being friendly ends up becoming discordant for both parties and you feel misunderstood. Or it could be in a situation when you think you've explained clearly to the other person what you want them to do and they've done it differently from how you asked them. How could they get it wrong? Perhaps it's a situation where you're sure you know what the intention is behind something they’ve done or said. For example, you think ‘She did that deliberately ...

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    What difference do you make?

    Do you ever think that nothing you do makes any difference to anyone or anything? It's a perfectly normal thing to think, especially when you're feeling a bit down -  but think again! Even before you were born, you made a difference to more people than you realise. Think about the last time anyone in your extended family or social circle announced they were having a baby. How many people were affected by that? Who was excited and uplifted? Did anyone start knitting, sewing or making toys? etc Of course the parents would have been directly affected but what about the siblings, ...

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    Imperfect action or perfect inaction?

    Do you wait for everything to be perfect before you take action? Or do you leap in with feet first and perfect things as you go along? Your answer might be different in different situations but the value is in your self-awareness of what you are doing. We all have a tendency one way or the other so it’s about knowing which way we tend to play things. Perhaps you are waiting until you've got more experience under your belt or more qualifications before you take the next step in your business or career. That step might be writing a book, launching a new project, or applying for a ...

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    Don't let the gold slip through your fingers

    Can you remember a time where you had a decision to make which involved a change? Perhaps you couldn't decide whether to accept a new job, join a new group or make some other change in your life. You could probably recognise some benefits of making that change but perhaps there was a lot about it you didn't like. Perhaps the benefits involved a challenge that you weren’t sure you were up to. What did you decide and how did you make that decision? In these situations it's so easy to make what seems like a very rational and thought out decision not to make the change when actually you're...

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    Every stage of life is just a stepping stone.

    Wherever you are in your life right now, how clearly can you see the stepping stones you followed to get you here? Perhaps you chose a career path early on in your life, studied the appropriate courses, got a job as a junior and gradually worked your way up. Alongside of that you might have rented a flat with friends until you met your spouse or partner, then bought a small house together, sold that and bought a bigger one and so on. In both those outlines the stepping stones are clear, but if your life hasn't followed such a clearly defined path, what were your specific stepping ...

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    What colour are your spectacles?

    Do you look at life through rose tinted spectacles or grey tinted spectacles? Chances are that you have a pair of both, plus colours in between, but which colour do you wear the most? Is that the same pair that actually serves you best? In the way that coloured glasses tend to make everything take on a tinge of that colour, you probably look at life in a similar way. We all have a tendency to either see the upside or downside of things. Of course that can be different on different days. We all have days when life seems wonderful and days where it doesn't. We also have a default ...

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    How to close your presentation: 7 tips on closing with clarity.

    Closing your presentation clearly and memorably is just as important as opening it with impact. Apart from anything else, your audience need to know that you have now finished and you need to leave the stage (or speaking area, or even just sit down) with composure and confidence. Here are a few tips on how to do that, in no particular order, as that may vary according to the situation. 1.      Let your audience know that you’re approaching the end by briefly summarising your content. 2.      Consider taking questions before you finish what you have to say, so that you’re...

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    What is your story?

    Do you ever listen to people who have had a major achievement of some kind and wish that you had a story like that too? Perhaps they’ve won an Olympic medal, survived a disaster or built a successful business. Their story of how they did that can be inspirational. It can also diminish the value of your own story – but only if you let it. You have your own story or your life history and all it's turning points. You too can be inspirational. However ordinary your story might seem to you, there have still been challenges or turning points along the way. You lived where you lived, went ...

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    Do you have a pre-presentation routine?

    One of the big surprises to me when I started to meet a lot of top level professional speakers was how many of them (nearly all, in fact) have a pre-presentation routine that they follow. At the very least, most will have a few golden do’s and don’t’s that they follow, such as not eating much or not drinking alcohol prior to speaking but most have far more than that. Some of that routine may even start prior to the day of the presentation, with enquiries about the technical support, etc being made, but for the purposes of this article, I’m simply sharing some thoughts on what ...

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    How to open your presentation with impact and close it memorably

    Giving a presentation is no different from a lot of other tasks you do in one particular way, which is that getting started can be the hardest bit. It’s very tempting to go down the safe, polite and gentle route of thanking the audience for being there, explaining who you are and what you’re going to talk about, etc. If you’re lucky enough to have an equally polite and deferential audience, you might get away with that. However, you’ll know from your own experience that unless a presenter can grab your attention early on, you’re far more likely to drift off into your own ...

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