• My Mission

    My burning mission is to inspire and help people just like you to represent themselves and their business with clarity, composure and confidence so they can gain more clients and impact more people. One of the ways I do this is by training, speaking and coaching on presentation skills and networking and on the mindset that underpins them.

    Part of that is around helping you look and feel the part so that you no longer worry about putting yourself forward to get among prospective clients to tell them how you can help them.

    Brilliant at what they do, self-doubt often limits my clients from shining their light as brightly as they could in situations they find daunting, like speaking to groups of people or walking into a room full of strangers. 

    Compassionate and supportive, I act as their torch bearer, upholding the belief they are more than capable of doing what they would love to do and of taking their business to another level as a result.

    I would love to hold that torch for you too.

  • What brought me here

    People tell me they admire my confidence in entering a room and in easily making conversation. It wasn’t always this way. An awkward teenager, walking in the shadow of my older sister, I struggled with self-acceptance for a long time. 

    I subsequently became a JP, With the ability to empathise with both sides of a situation and to view things from a different perspective, I felt I had something to offer and a responsibility to do so. Seeing the positive, life-changing impact I had on others, I began to appreciate my value.      

    Fascinated by what makes people different, I took a degree in social sciences. I worked as a Juvenile Court Officer and then a Legal Officer for the London Borough of Southwark, presenting cases on behalf of the authority for care proceedings in the Juvenile Court and immersed in the world of juvenile justice and the care system.

    Subsequently I went on to become a magistrate, sitting on the same kind of cases speaking up for justice and fairness, both really important to me. With the ability to empathise with both sides of a situation and to view things from a different perspective, I felt I had something to offer and a responsibility to do so, to make what difference I could.


  • A different culture

    Life took me to Thailand, where I married and had my children. Whilst there I trained to be counsellor and, recognising a need among my peer group, I started running workshops to help other expat mums become more assertive and confident.  I helped them challenge self-limiting beliefs learned from their childhood, culture and other people so they too could shine their lights more brightly.

    Gradually seeing the positive, life-changing impact I was having on others, I began to appreciate my value.        


  • Back home

    Back in the UK I started running a counselling business but soon realised that my preferred genres were coaching, training and speaking.

    Alongside of this, I became a Regional Director with The Athena Network, helping talented business women become more confident and ultimately more successful through better networking skills.


  • Helping you

    Now I’m focused on empowering individuals and businesses like you to conquer the same self-doubt which held me back in my earlier life and to learn the skills they need to take them forward.

    I do that through my own speaking, through running my workshops and my coaching programmes.

    Like all of us, you have important work to do in this world and that’s what I’d like to support you with.

    You too can shine your light more brightly.

    For a no-obligation chat, please contact me - I’d love to help.


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