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      • COVID-19 Update:

        In the current climate, I believe I can add most value by helping teams and individuals maintain their wellbeing by focusing on mindset and resilience.

        In doing so, I’m drawing on many years’ experience in this field as a counsellor and coach, and of helping clients dig deep into their personal resources to develop confidence in facing challenges, in turn enhancing their wellbeing, energy and productivity.


        Do you have talented, committed people in your team who somehow lack the prowess for promotion?

        Are you under pressure to balance the diversity quota while still employing the best person for the job?

        Have you considered developing the potential already within your organisation instead of looking outside?

        All too often, highly talented women, and men, who could be achieving amazing things for themselves and their employers in senior leadership roles, are overlooked due to lack of confidence to put themselves forward, lack of confidence in contributing their views and lack of confidence in communicating their potential as leaders.

        While male-dominated leadership teams can certainly be effective, a leadership team which embraces masculine and feminine leadership principles can be so much more so.

        The gender imbalance needs to be addressed from a variety of angles. Yes, organisational structures need to change, unconscious bias needs to become conscious, etc. – but what tools can be given to women so that when they are the best person for the job they can demonstrate that, so that they can shine brighter?

        That’s where I can help.

        By working with me on developing a powerful professional brand, your team members will:

        • Demonstrate increased confidence in themselves and in their own expertise
        • Experience increased motivation, leading to increased contribution within the organisation
        • Become an even stronger candidate for a promotion or to the next level in their growth

        And all of this results in an increase in profits, which means you can sleep at night knowing that you’re making a positive impact both on your team members and on the organisation as a whole.

        Professional Brand gets defined in several ways:

        • it’s what people say about someone after they’ve left the meeting,
        • it’s the impact they have or the impression they make
        • it’s their presence, their business persona.

        So what would you want to be able to say about your team? What impact would you like them to make and what presence and persona do you want them to convey?

        What needs to change for that to happen?


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